Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud

Bonnet and the Prince of Ubud, Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, developed plans to establish a museum of fine art, Balinese art. A ‘Palace of the Arts’ on the island would boost local awareness of Balinese art. They established a new foundation in 1953, the Yayasan Ratna Warta. The primary aim of this foundation was to establish a museum in Ubud, which had always been the centre of new developments in Balinese art. Bonnet designed the building in Balinese style, which was constructed from local materials. The foundation stone was laid at the end of January 1954. Bonnet also designed the surrounding gardens with their profusion of flowering shrubs and a lotus pond to complement the works of art.

The museum was accessed from the main road by crossing a bamboo bridge spanning a small ravine and ascending the stone stairway to the beautiful gardens, with the Puri Lukisan Museum (Palace of Paintings) at the back of the grounds. The plans included the construction of three pavilions. The first pavilion, the main building, was completed in 1956 and was officially opened by the then Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture. The other two pavilions flanked the main building: the pavilion on the left was used for dance performances and housed a small warong, a food stall, the pavilion on the right served as an amphitheatre, used for grander performances.

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